Cathy is a wise and gifted speaker whose stories inspire and uplift all who hear them with her authentic heart and humor.

– Melinda M

When Cathy cleared my chakras, I felt a black veil leave my body. I finally felt, open, expanded and free.

-Betty F

Today I woke up without my normal back pain and I feel like I can breathe better! Amazing! Thank you.

-Colleen D

Cathy, You are amazing and thank you for sharing your gifts. My right hip is pain-free! I haven’t been pain-free in years and it’s a wonderful feeling! Thank you for everything!

-Annemarie B.

I have tried every alternative healing option that is available, but I had never heard of Life Force Energy Healing. I didn’t know it existed until I saw Cathy Gabrielsen. I am amazed how much it helped me release emotions and pain. The experience was incredible.

-Heather P.

Cathy, I wanted you to know how great I’ve been feeling since I have seen you! I’ve found my reactiveness for things that would typically trigger me have been less emotional. I’ve been feeling happier, lighter and over all better. I can’t wait to come see you again!