Other Gabrielsen Healing Center Workshops Include: 

Intro to Your Chakra’s, The Wheels of Life-Discover the power current within yourself and the relationship we have with our overall physical and mental health and energy. 

Protecting Your Energy Field and Shamanic Sweeping Breath– Learn how to protect yourself from negative energy, reclaim the energy you gave away and give back the negative energy that is not yours. 

Cut Your Cords -Release the attachments to those in your life who take your life force energy. 

What’s Your Dosha? -Discover the basics of Ayurveda 

Art Journaling–Led by local Artist and Sculptor, Judy Phillips. Painting Over the Pain.  

What’s Your Character Structure? –Defense mechanisms can block life force healing energy.  In this workshop, you will discover your character structure and the path to let go and heal. 

The Truth Heals, 2 Part Workshop- Based on NY Times best-selling author and Master Healer, Deborah King’s book, The Truth Heals. Workshop includes the book Truth Heals, by Deborah King.  This is a 2-hour workshop

With Cathy’s intuitive ability, experienced and certified guidance she is able to assist her client’s clear negative patterns, negative energy and negative relationships helping them find their true self and experience some of the following:
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved Physical, emotional or spiritual health
  • A renewed and refocused life direction or path
  • Release toxic elements and toxic relationships
  • Release addictive behavior
  • Connect Spiritually
  • Stop Pain (physical and emotional)
  • Lift Depression
  • Provide clarity; manifest goals, desires, and finances
  • Improve relationships with self and others
  • Reduce anxiety and sleep problems or disorders caused by anxiety and fear
  • Heal emotions related to trauma, abuse issues, grief and loss
  • Release chronic conditions
  • Increase energy and enthusiasm
  • And so much more
All services provided by Cathy Gabrielsen a certified LFEH Master Graduate
Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and my advice is not meant to replace medical treatment by your doctor. I am a Life Force Energy Medicine Practitioner. The statements made on this website represent my view of the world given my unique set of life experiences, education, and training.These are truths as I see and understand the world at the time the words were written. Your health is your responsibility. The FDA has not evaluated my statements.