It’s the season, but where are the peace and the joy? If you or someone you love is struggling with their emotions, feeling depressed or anxious this holiday season, it could be the result of an unresolved issue within them.

Do you feel stuck in your life and can’t move forward? Do you yearn for happiness but can’t figure out why you are not happy? Holding on to the emotion of a negative experience, negative situation, or negative person holds YOU back, and it gets in your way of peace and joy. When you feel blocked on your path to peace, or lost in your direction of life, take time, and ask yourself these questions, “What have I not resolved within me? What situation, person, experience, or trauma keeps coming back to my mind?”  Ask the questions, and you will receive your answers. Connecting with ourselves, cleaning our internal house, keeps us grounded so we can be present in the moments that we are living today.  Letting go of what is unresolved within us, allows room for the feeling of peace and joy to come in.

The unresolved issue could be a trauma, an event, or an experience that left you or someone you love unsettled in some way. The experience may have past long ago, but the emotions related to it are alive and kicking within the mind and body. It is the emotion of the experience, that needs to go! Letting go of the issue or the emotion will lead to peace and joy!

Sometimes our unresolved issues are the sadness, suffering, or sorrow, a divorce, an affair, a loss, a sickness, or an argument. We could be holding onto an experience that we witnessed, such an accident, or a death. There are also times when we are the target of someone else’s anger, that was rooted in their pain, it was their issue, and we end up with the anger and anxiety that was never ours. Whatever the experience or the issue, decide today to find a way and let it go.

The year 2019 is coming to a close, take time to reflect on what it is you want, what it is you want to let go of, and what you want in 2020. I had two near-death experiences, and I can tell you that there is a time of reflection when you cross into the light.  You have the opportunity to see your life, how you lived, what you did and what you wanted to do, but never accomplished. You see the times when you didn’t say I love you, or I forgive you.  You see, the moments you wish you could have changed, so do it all now.  Love, forgive, let go so you can let in the peace and joy of this season and prepare the way for a wonderful New Year.

Old emotions or dormant memories of an experience that sit within us overtime can create discomfort, anxiety, depression, addiction, or disease. If you are looking for health and happiness or are having a hard time letting go of some pain or suffering, let me help you release the unresolved issues within you. My goal as a healer is to help my clients, clear the emotions of the past, heal on all levels, and allow the light and clarity to come in so they can live their best life.

Here are some ways to heal unresolved issues

  1. Take time to get to know yourself. Be silent, be still, and in the quiet, ask yourself the question, “What is in me that I need to release?” Ask the question, and you will receive the answer. Make a list, starting with the first answer you hear.  Write all of the things that you need to let go of.  It could be a conversation, an experience, a relationship, a trauma, or an abuse. The first step to healing is awareness. Once you know, you can heal.
  2. Create affirmations. Ask yourself what this situation needs from me? What do I need to say to myself to release what is unresolved within me? Try saying this affirmation, “I release all that is within me that is not meant for my greatest and highest good. I am at peace.”
  3. Know and Let Go. Once you recognize what the unresolved issue is, then you can identify how that issue, person, situation, made you feel. You do not have to re-experience the trauma, but know the emotion you felt. Was it fear, sorrow, or pain?  Write down the emotions of that experience. Touch the name of the feeling and tell it to go.
  4. Clear and release! There are energy healing techniques that can cut or clear the cords to people and experiences. Here is a link to the Sweeping Breath Exercise a shamanic based healing exercise that can clear and release and help you reclaim energy that you have lost to a person or situation.

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About the author:

Cathy Gabrielsen is a healer, speaker, author, and Graduate Teacher of LifeForce Energy Healing© at The Deborah King Center. She founded the Gabrielsen Healing Center and Connect Thru Cancer (formerly Cuddle My Kids), a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Her memoir is coming soon.