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Awaken Your Inner Healer Today!

Achieve Total Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness with this Self-Paced Chakra Wisdom & Healing Course.

Learn the Foundations of Chakra and Energy Healing, to clear your own personal energy, and others.

If you’re interested in healing yourself or others, this course is perfect for you!

My 7 Chakra’s Meditation Collection is designed to clear, balance, and charge all 7 of your Chakras for whole body health and wellness.

There is a unique guided meditation for each Chakra to move you through any blocks and imbalances you may be experiencing.

Take a few minutes for yourself today and begin to heal your Chakras.

My Chakra Clearing Meditation is a cleansing of the personal energy field and can lift your mood, and energy!

This meditation is a powerful technique to unblock your Chakras and release stress, worry, grief, anxiety, or whatever it is that is in your way of peace, clarity, and life’s purpose.

Incorporating a Chakra clearing practice, such as the Chakra Clearing Meditation will promote health in mind, body, and spirit.

The 7 Breaths Meditation is perfect for someone who is ungrounded or anxious or has something weighing on the heart, maybe grief or heartbreak.

It’s important to ground and be in your body if you need to heal on any level.

If you feel ungrounded, disempowered, or need to get back in touch with yourself and your heart, take the time to hear why it’s important to connect with yourself with this guided meditation.

Energy Healing will clear, balance, and recharge your Chakras and heal your energy field.

Energy Medicine can heal all types of issues, such as emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.

If you feel overwhelmed, stressed, ill, are grieving, feeling anxious or out of sorts, or have an addiction you’d like to address, Cathy can help you in this Private Energy Healing Session.

Energy has no bounds or limitations!

Remote or distant Energy Healing is just as effective as in-person sessions!

Energy Medicine can heal all kinds of issues, such as emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.

If you are stressed, ill, grieving, anxious, out of sorts, or have an addiction you’d like to address, let Cathy help you with a Remote Energy Healing Session.

Includes 4 one-hour weekly sessions via Zoom. (Custom schedule available)

If you are suffering from pain, loss, grief, anxiety, illness, struggling in relationships, stressed, addicted, need direction or are overwhelmed in life, this Personal Healing Intensive is for you.

Connect Thru Cance provides free Energy Healing to their clients.

Enjoy the benefits of Energy Medicine! Clear, balance, and recharge your Chakras.

Heal and release the toxins from treatment as well as the pain and emotional challenges as well.

This service is available either in-office or on Zoom.