Personal Healing Intensive

Do you need to Heal from trauma, anxiety, PTSD, grief, stress?

One-on-One Healing Intensive: Do you need to heal from trauma, anxiety, PTSD, grief, stress, a broken relationship, pain from the past, work struggles, or anything that seems to be getting in your way of health, happiness, love, or success? If you are tired of being sick and tired or sad and anxious or stuck at work or in a relationship, struggling at work, then this is the perfect healing workshop for you!

The Personal Healing Intensive will help you identify just what it is that you need to heal, help you end the madness once and for all and help you understand why you are feeling the way you are and how to get back to living an everyday, happy, healthy and abundant life on all levels! Cathy will work with you to discover what is in your way and how to get “unstuck” and realign with your true essence.

This Intensive includes 4 one hour weekly sessions with Cathy Gabrielsen.

One-on-One Healing Intensive

Course Value $500