Chakra Healing Certification

$750.00 $450.00



The Gabrielsen Center’s Chakra Healing Certification program is an in-person, hands-on Energy Healing Course. Participants will learn the basics of the 7 main chakras and the connections the chakras have to health and well being. In addition to learning how to detect an imbalanced or blocked chakra, participants will learn how to clear, balance, and recharge them. The course will also include a basic introduction to healing stones and sounds related to each chakra and a guided chakra clearing meditation. By the end of the course, you will be able to clear your own personal energy field and others!  Become the Healer you have always wanted to be! Certificate upon completion

Bonus: All participants will receive personal energy healings by Graduate Teacher and Healer, Cathy Gabrielsen

Materials Included: Chakra Healing Workbook and Pendulum

Course 3 Day Schedule: 1st Day, 2 hours, 2nd Day, 2 hours and 3rd Day, 1 Hour

Course: Value $750, Current Sale Price is $450

**If you schedule the course and share the time slot with a friend, the rate would be reduced to $350 per person and include an additional hour of training if needed on the last day**