Distant Energy Healing

We are not only a physical body but energy, frequency, and Vibration.

Distance healing is a very effective form of Energy Healing. Quantum physics confirms that energy is not limited by space or time. It flows through everything! Energy Healing, either remote/distance, zoom, or in person will remove blocks and help increase physical, emotional, and mental health. Energy transcends time and space.

Distant Energy Healing Session


  • During the healing, you may experience different sensations or experience relaxation and calmness, but you must be open and willing to heal, improve, and get better. The key to getting the most out of an Energy Healing is to be willing to receive the energy.
  • For a distance healing, I ask clients to send a most recent picture and also let me know if they have any concerns or issues that need support.
  • The healing will be completed while the client is resting or sleeping.
  • After I finish the healing I will send detailed notes and suggestions.