7 Chakra’s Meditation Collection

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1st Chakra | Root

When clear, balanced, and charged it’s critical to your health and spiritual connection. When it is, you will feel less fearful and more connected to yourself and the world around you.

When it’s energized it can help you feel strong and grounded.

If you have low energy, or problems with your immune system, bones, hips, joints, knees, legs, or feet, you may need to clear and recharge your Root Chakra!

Take a few minutes for yourself today and start healing yourself with this guided meditation.

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2nd Chakra | Sacral

When clear, balanced, and charged it promotes peace, passion, and creative expression!

When it’s blocked the energy becomes stagnant making it difficult to manage your emotions.

Signs of an imbalanced or closed Sacral Chakra are issues with the lower back, bladder, ovaries, and bowels.

You can feel overwhelmed emotionally or have no creativity when it’s out of balance.

This guided meditation can aid in releasing feelings of anger, anxiety, and even low libido!

Take a few minutes for yourself today and begin to heal your Sacral Chakra.

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3rd Charka | Solar Plexus

When clear, balanced, and charged you will feel powerful, wise, and confident. It promotes zest and vitality, and is the seat of transformation! When it’s not functioning you may feel powerless in life.

Do you constantly give away your personal power to others and feel like the victim, or do you always feel guilty?

When it’s closed you may be suffering from fatigue, diabetes, and intestinal or digestive disorders. It’s time to rev up your metabolism!

Take a few minutes for yourself today to transform, and recharge your Solar Plexus Chakra with this guided meditation.

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4th Chakra | Heart

When clear, and balanced it promotes the feeling of love, compassion, and contentment.

When open you feel a sense of harmony and trust. It can become blocked with grief, heartbreak, or betrayal.

When it’s not balanced or closed, you may experience issues with your heart, lungs, or breasts.

Take a few minutes for yourself today to heal, clear, charge, and balance your Heart Chakra.

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5th Charka | Throat

The Throat Chakra is related to communication. When healthy and charged you are able to speak your voice, live your truth, and express yourself creatively.

When blocked you may suffer from issues such as sore throats, and sinus and thyroid problems.

Take a few minutes for yourself today and begin to clear, balance, and recharge this chakra so you can start speaking your truth!

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6th Chakra | Third Eye

If you are always in a state of worry or doubt, confused, anxious, or not able to focus in life, it is likely that you have an imbalance in your Third Eye Chakra.

When healthy it promotes feelings of peace, clarity, insight, and strong intuition.

This guided meditation is designed to help you release the negative thoughts that are getting in the way of enjoying your life!

Take a few minutes for yourself today and begin to rev up your inner knowing, and intuition.

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7th Charka | Crown

When healthy and charged it promotes harmony within you and establishes healthy and open spiritual connections.

When blocked or imbalanced it may result in feelings of confusion, brain issues, headaches, and anxiety. You may also feel cut off or not connected to Spirit, Source, or your God.

Take a few minutes for yourself today to open your mind and body to heal the Crown Chakra so you can experience the peace, harmony, and connection you need!

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