Here I am, a writer, speaker and Graduate Teacher of Life Force Energy Healing, and just recently, found myself in PTSD. It was a total surprise. I felt like I was stung by a bee and needed an EpiPen or a person with diabetes who needed insulin. I knew there was something wrong with me, I was weak, I was anxious, and I was paranoid. I was back, in PTSD.

The feeling in my body was eerily familiar, the pulsing, beating of my heart as the anxiety moved its way through me. But this experience would end much differently than it had in the past. This time, the path to healing was right at my finger-tips.  This time the episode didn’t last weeks, or months, this time it came and went. This time I had the tools I needed, to heal.

Seven years after my Mastectomy, I had surgery to remove painful scar tissue, a simple procedure that ended with serious complications. Soon after the surgery while on vacation with my young family, I was surprised to find myself near death’s door with sepsis that led to an immediate and sudden re-removal of my breast.  Within a few hours, I went from the beach chair to the surgical table and to near death. This experience and other difficult challenges caused me to suffer significant emotional trauma, called PTSD. But I did not know it, until years later.

That surgery was a success, but it triggered old trauma that was locked deep inside me. I spent months in PTSD. I was anxious, depressed, crying for no apparent reason, and falling apart. I remember sitting at my computer and I Googled, Ways to Heal. By the grace of God, I came across LifeForce Energy Healing© and started healing courses. Over the years, I was diligent in my studies and practices and began to pursue a future in Energy Medicine.  Eventually, after much work, I found healing; physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I also found my life’s purpose. I was not just surviving life anymore; I was living life and began a new career filled with healing, sharing, and working to raise consciousness.

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I can sense the PTSD in one of my clients and guide them towards healing. But never did I think, I would be back in a PTSD moment! But it happened, I had lost my ground.

What had I done, to cause this? I hadn’t enough. Plain and simple. I didn’t have enough of what I needed.  I wasn’t making myself a priority, I was not practicing self-care, I was tired, not getting enough alone time, and my energy field was weak and vulnerable, so the darkness found its way in me. 

In my healing process and studies of energy healing, I have come to understand that we all need enough, to live our best self.  We need enough healthy food, water, quiet time, sun, moon, and grounding.  But we also need enough connection, enough joy, enough personal power, enough self-love, enough voice, enough to see life’s possibilities and enough spiritual connection.

What brought me down does not matter; what matters is that in the experience, I was able to stop and recognize what was happening.  This time, I had the tools to heal, and so I did.

Ways to Heal When You are back in Anxiety or PTSD

1. Self-Awareness and Self-Care: You can only heal what you know.  When I went back into PTSD, I sat with myself and was able to take note of my emotions. With that, I was able to discern what I was feeling and why I was feeling it. Take the time to connect with yourself.  Self-care is a must, take the time to get to know yourself. Journaling is key to self-discovery. Take the time and mother yourself, nurture yourself, love yourself.

2. Connect Spiritually: Understanding that we are divinely guided and surrounded brings me great healing and comfort.  I suggest you sit in meditation or prayer and connect with a source higher than yourself. In this process of connecting, we gain an understanding that we are never alone. As dark and trying as life can be, we are never left alone.  

3. Unbending Intent:  I set an unbending intent that I was going to heal from this PTSD episode. I knew my mind and body was powerful enough to put me into PTSD, and it was powerful enough to bring me out of it.  I sat quietly with myself and connected spiritually to my guides. In the quiet, I filled my heart and mind with an unbending intent to heal.  In the quiet, with the intention, I felt healing warmth, I heard a healing voice, I felt peace.

And just like that, the PTSD episode was over, I was back, more aware, filled with more wisdom and more compassion.  I healed.  This surprise PTSD experience, like all challenging life experiences, was a gift.  It gave me knowledge, it gave me power, and it gave me more compassion.  This experience reminded me that I am able, to heal and speak and teach about Energy Medicine.  This experience also confirmed that daily self-care is necessary for those who have anxiety or PTSD.

*About the Author: Cathy Gabrielsen is a writer, speaker, and Graduate Teacher at the Deborah King LifeForce Energy Healing© Center. She founded Cuddle My Kids (a 501c3) to provide free support services to families with cancer. Cathy is also President of The Gabrielsen Healing Center, located in West Chester, PA. The GHC offers both in office and remote Energy Healing, Life Coaching, and Healing Workshops.  To schedule an appointment or for more information visit or email