I finally grew

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How blessed is the way, to the root of it all.

Take a trip and travel deep into your garden.

You will find…your whole world.


Imagine a flower growing to bloom, just in the wrong direction. Sounds impossible, but I found it to be true. We all were given the seed to our soul. What we did with it was in our own hands. I listened to the directions on “how to grow my seed” and followed accordingly. Except my seed, the seed of my soul,  appeared to be a dud.

Here I was given this seed, to plant, cultivate and ultimately find pure joy in all that it was. I did everything right. I followed the instructions given. I followed the beliefs attached to the directions. I followed what the other gardeners were doing. For years I waited for my flower to appear as I tended not just my seed, but the whole garden.

I was always determined in life, yet sad, confused. My soul seed survived the harshest winters; the hottest summers and forever-running river of unshed tears. The garden started to get the better of me.

I decided to take another look at the instructions I received, turned them upside down and flipped the attached beliefs to a language my seed understood. I then bulldozed my way down, deep to the root of it. And there she was, waiting in all her beautiful bounty. And it was exactly the flower I had believed it would be.

I had such a tough seed! For so long, I just thought my seed was just a harder one to grow. I also felt so forsaken. I paid such good attention to the garden of life but didn’t realize I had been forsaking my hopeful flower! It was alive and in bloom all along.

I let go of everything and traveled deep within. Along my journey to find my flower, I found love, and light, the flow of life. And just at the roots I found what I knew to be mine. It was waiting for me all along.