Mission, Intention, Vision and Services

Our Services…

Life Coaching, Life Force Energy Healing Techniques, Chelation, Recapitulation, Chakra Cleansing and Balancing, Cord Cutting, as well as Spiritual and Intuitive Guidance

All services are provided by                      

Cathy Gabrielsen, Certified LFEH Practitioner 

With Cathy’s intuitive ability, experienced and certified guidance she is able to assist her clients clear negative patterns, negative energy and negative relationships helping them find their true self and experience some of the following:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved Physical, emotional or spiritual health
  • A renewed and refocused life direction or path
  • Release toxic elements and toxic relationships
  • Release addictive behavior
  • Connect Spiritually
  • Stop Pain (physical and emotional)
  • Lift Depression
  • Provide clarity; manifest goals, desires, and finances
  • Improve relationships with self and others
  • Reduce anxiety and sleep problems or disorders caused by anxiety and fear
  • Heal emotions related to trauma, abuse issues, grief and loss
  • Release chronic conditions
  • Increase energy and enthusiasm
  • And so much more

Our Mission

The Gabrielsen Healing Center’s mission is to heal, balance, clear, guide and empower individuals and the community by using a wide variety of healing modalities and services promoting physical, personal, emotional, and overall well-being.

Our Intention

The GHC’s intention is to assist individuals in finding the root cause of their pain, anxiety, depression and the obstruction from ones happiness and success.

Our Vision

The Gabrielsen Healing Center was founded to bring to the community a safe and alternative approach to improving ones physical, emotional, spiritual and overall health. Our Vision is to heal individuals in our communities and lead them to finding their true self, happiness, health and much more.