Two near-death experiences and cancer left me battling anxiety and PTSD for years until I decided it was time to stop managing them and release them for good! And I did.  I finally broke the grip that anxiety had on my life. I now help others and teach them how to heal.

We are living in unprecedented times; anxiety is at record highs from young children to older adults. The uncertainty, unhappiness, and fear create more intense negative feelings. We may not experience an immediate change in our country and world, but we can affect what is happening in our own immediate lives. Being peaceful and happy during this time is possible, and it is also essential.

Healing our emotions is vital to health and happiness. When we are healthy emotionally, we have increased energy and zest for life! Healthy emotions are healing to our body and help to create or manifest abundance. When we feel good, others around us will feel better as well. When we feel happy and peaceful, we set ourselves up for success at home, work, school, and relationships. It is true; happiness IS contagious!

We have a physical body that we care for with healthy food, exercise, and sleep. Still, we often neglect our emotional body, that part of us that directly effects our mood, our energy level, our ability to focus, to create, and to succeed.

Are you yearning for peace, in your heart, or home? Are you tired of living with stress and worry? If so, then now is your time to heal.

Why NOW? Our emotions fuel our energy body, and the negative feelings that are taking up space in our mind and body over time will take shape in the form of illness or pain. Negativity, worry, and fear are so unhealthy! These emotions hold us back and distract us from being and living our best life.

How do we heal? We heal by identifying our fears and building a healthy relationship with our self.  We heal emotionally by releasing negative attachments and reclaiming peace and joy. I can help and show you the way to live, worry, and stress-free.

If you want to heal, to be happy, peaceful, and manifest abundance in life, join the F-Anxiety Workshop and discover my Four F Approach to healing anxiety, stress, and worry once and for all. Please join me because It is a good time to heal.

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About: Cathy Gabrielsen is a healer, speaker, author, and Graduate teacher of LifeForce Energy Healing© at the Deborah King Center. Cathy is President of The Gabrielsen Healing Center, and the Founder of Connect Thru Cancer, a non-profit that provides free cancer support services to families. Cathy is married to Scott Gabrielsen and the mother of Jimmy and Cole Gabrielsen. Cathy enjoys twice-daily meditation sessions, running, and spending time in nature. Her memoir, Dying to Live: Surviving Near Death is coming soon! For more information or to schedule a private, in-person or zoom session with Cathy, visit or email