fingers pointing

The world is changing. We, are changing, whether we realize it or not. We have become disconnected and are evolving in a way that keeps us isolated from actual physical connection. Instead of real interaction we use Face Time and Facebook as our only means to connect, and somehow believe that is ok.  Things are changing, right before our eyes.  We need to stop searching our phones for the answers and start looking.  We need to stop blaming and start being, the change we want to see in this world.  We can post and we can protest, be we still need to act, to move, to actively engage and become the change that we need in this world.

Devastation is happening again and again from the islands, to Florida, to Puerto Rico to the fires and to Vegas. What is the reason for this madness? When the question is posed, we often turn to the next person, point a finger and play the blame game.  It couldn’t be, wouldn’t be, me.

But yet it is, in some way, we are all to blame.  In all of the finger pointing and Google searching for the reasons why this world is falling apart, we have lost track, lost our focus and we have become distracted and are missing the obvious.

There once was a time when we looked out and observed the world view and the needs of the people while on a walk, or in a car, or on a train or in a city. We are now missing what we need to be seeing as we tuck our heads down and eyes into our phones and snap a picture, of our ourselves.

There are so many opinions, so many possibilities, so many blames to make. It is the companies, the money, the technology, the greed, the political party, the social platform or reasons of the past.  Mother Earth is responding with such force and madness and as she rages human beings are creating equally painful and devastating acts.  And when we see what happened in Las Vegas, we start the game all over.  We start pointing and dividing to conquer the reasons, why our world is falling apart. And as sad as we are for our places and people, the reaction to the devastation, comes in the form of a remorseful post on a wall or a page.

But being a part of the online conversation, is not enough. If we want change, then we “have to be the change that we want to see in the world”. Thank you, Gandhi, for those wise words.  Things can change for the better, if we would all decide to become the change that is necessary.

world on hands

We need to stop worrying about the image of where we are in the world, but rather be something, be doing some good, in the world.  Educate young people who need more education.  Teach others how to treat the earth and all that is important in it. We can’t wait for someone else to do. We need to do whatever it is that needs to be done to change and heal this broken world.  When we walk miles across this great land, for whatever cause, how about picking up some trash or planting flowers in a park. Our causes, have become, about us. We gain from the give and it shouldn’t work that way.

If we are worried about gun violence, then we need to teach gun safety and work for change. If we are worried about global warming, then we need to be involved, make a difference and do one more thing than we are already doing to save this beautiful planet. If we are worried about mental health and the lack of support and the rise of the illnesses, then we need to be a part of the mental health support movement.  We should be working with those in mental health, and get involved in our own communities or schools.  We must stop talking, stop searching, stop pointing and posting and become, the change that this world needs.

If we all just stopped with our selfies, our pictures and our posts.  If we stopped worrying about our friends or followers on social media, if we just got out of our own way, if the part of us that cares would come to the forefront, maybe we would see just what it is and what it could be, that is causing all the pain and destruction and start healing.  We need to stop searching and look up and a look out and see, the point of our presence on this earth. Be the change that is needed to heal the world.  Yourself.

Ways to Become a Change and Heal the World:

  • Give food to the hungry, whether on a street or donate to a food kitchen. Find the need in your community, find out who is hungry and feed them.  Ask a church or a school for people you can help ease their hunger.
  • Give clothes and shoes to those who have little. Don’t just give away something you no longer need, give away something that means something, it will mean more to someone who has nothing.
  • Donate your time to a shelter. Find a shelter for abused persons, for the homeless or for animals.  The best way to heal is with your hands and heart.  Start there and if you only have time to support them financially, then ask what they need most and provide that item.
  • Clean up your street or your own yard. Send a message that we are responsible for our space in this world.
  • Visit with someone who cannot see the world themselves.  Find someone who has difficulty getting out.  Take them for a ride and show them the beauty of the season or read to them and take them on a journey through a story.
  • Listen and be present for someone that needs to be heard. Hear them, hold them and love them. Tell them they are safe and they are loved.
  • Plant a seed, or a tree or a flower. Give the beauty of nature to those who follow in your footsteps.
  • Say hello, say please, say thank you, say you are grateful, say have a good morning, say have a good day, a good night, and mean what you say. Intend your healing message of connection and gratitude to those who cross your path through the day be received.
  • Pray, not for yourself, but that you can be your right self in the world.  Pray for the world and all the living and non-living gifts it brings to all.
  • Quiet your space, your mind and calm yourself.  Your vibration, your peace and your connection, will heal yourself and heal your world.


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