Our Mission

The Gabrielsen Healing Center’s mission is to heal, balance, clear, guide and empower individuals and the community by using a wide variety of healing modalities and services promoting physical, personal, emotional, and overall well-being.

Our Intention

The GHC’s intention is to assist individuals in finding the root cause of their pain, anxiety, depression and the obstruction of one’s happiness and success.

Our Vision

The Gabrielsen Healing Center was founded to bring to the community a safe and alternative approach to improving one’s physical, emotional, spiritual and overall health. Our Vision is to heal individuals in our communities and leads them to find their true self, happiness, health and much more.


Cathy Gabrielsen, Certified in Life Force Energy Medicine, Certified in Chakra Wisdom, Astral Travel under Master Healer, Deborah King,   Soul Wisdom under Denise Linn, Energy Medicine, Donna Eden and current Life Force Energy Medicine, Master Graduate in Training under Deborah King.  Cathy is a certified Elementary Education teacher, Founder of Cuddle My Kids 501c3, married to Scott Gabrielsen and has 2 teenage boys.

My Story, Life After Life Force Energy Medicine

I was a depressed 45-year-old woman maybe going through my mid-life crisis, or maybe just a 45-year-old woman in crisis. For the first time in my life, I felt out of control, like my life was suddenly moving faster with more parts that needed fixing then I could fix in time.  Anxiety and panic attacks along with crying spells became my day to day. I once considered myself a non-crier. I never cried until I started to cry. I was at a loss as to what was the reason for the onset of madness so I tried to manage it with anti-depressants, and medication to focus, then medication for anxiety and a few organic cigarettes and a glass of wine to chase it all away. After a bit, I realized that the one pill needed to become two, the focus medication and anti-anxiety medication needed doubling and the one cig became much more and a second glass of wine was a must to swallow it all.  I was not getting better, I was becoming, something, and trying to push the voice of my soul, my feelings and my life’s intention back down.  There was too much life to live to be interrupted with the nonsense happening within me.

I can remember when I was being put on anti-depressants.  I told my doctor that I could not be put on one that made me gain weight, I was already depressed and knew the thought of my physical image changing would throw me over the edge.  The one thing I was still able to do in the madness was present myself perfectly as if there was nothing wrong at all.  When I returned home with a full prescription, I read the side effects, Failure to thrive jumped at me from the page.  I remember thinking it was the perfect prescription for me! I was already failing at living and maybe I would drop a few more pounds so it was perfect and so began my relationship with the first to be many prescription coping mechanisms.

I felt fantastic until I didn’t.  What I realized after I started studying Life Force Energy Healing under Master Healer, Deborah King, is that there is nothing more powerful than a soul’s intention, that the challenges and hardships faced in life were opportunities to grow and evolve and become, just what was intended.  I began the courses during a time in crisis, looking for the next way to soothe myself.  I never realized the changes that my life would take.  The healing began with the first Life Force Energy Healing course and from there I felt my inside open, bloom and begin to live.  I started to see the world, the life around me, my home and my family and kids differently.  I started to live in the world differently, and I then became different from who I was living and became the person I was intended.

One Life Force Energy Healing course became two and three and I learned how to meditate and became wise regarding our energy fields and my connection with all that exists in this world.  As I shed the layers of the life I was once living along with my pills and my cigs, I became peaceful.  I also cried, until I no longer needed to cry and I stopped failing and started living and thriving.  It wasn’t just me who was affected by the changes of Life Force Energy Healing, my family and children were as well. My life changed for the better and suddenly, lives were better all around.  I started a new and fulfilling career as an energy medicine practitioner and continue to listen to the intention of my soul.  I cut the attachments to the anyone or anything that was not connected to light and love.  Living in the light has brought clarity, peace and fulfillment and healing both physically and mentally.  Living after studying Life Force Energy Healing, is happier, healthier, and everything I intended my life to be.  I am so grateful.

My healing experience with Life Force Energy Medicine was profound, I decided it was something that was needed in our community.  The Gabrielsen Healing Center offers people of all ages: Life Force Energy Healing Techniques, Chakra Clearing Balance, and Cleansing as well as Life Force Coaching, Introduction to Meditation and other healing modalities.