Anxiety is much like a hurricane. Before it hits, there are usually warning signs. The warning signs can be flutters in the heart, or palpitations or sweat beads or stomach churns.  Other signals could be tightness in the chest or shortness of breath, signs that the storm is coming.

As soon as the warning comes, it triggers the fear of the uncertainty of the storm called Anxiety.  The panic sets in, the questions begin; how long it will last, how many tears will fall?

The hurricane Dorian has been taking its toll as it moves ever so slowly.  It brings damaging winds, rains, and destruction along the way.  As you sit and watch the news, now is a good time to clear any lingering storms within you.

Anxiety is just old stuff, forsaken emotions that have sat dormant, waiting to move, wanting to move but are not able to. The storm Dorian, just like most significant events, hurricanes, fires, floods can trigger anyone’s dormant fear that has been waiting to release.

Through my LifeForce Energy Healing© studies, I learned to heal my anxiety. My advice to those with anxiety is to ask yourself, “What have I not resolved within me?”

Stopping a hurricane is not likely, but healing anxiety is possible.

Need to heal your anxiety? Here are some tips to help yourself or someone you love.

  1. What is your warning sign? Know what your sign is, and as soon as it makes the smallest appearance, you begin to take self-care.
  2. Don’t be fooled. Just like a storm, there is always calm. Often, people with anxiety will Band-Aid it temporarily. That does not mean it is over; it means that it is the time to get more help and take more self-care. Just because you calm down, does not mean you do not need help and continued support.
  3. In the moments of calm, call a doctor, a healer, a counselor, or someone who can support you. Just like all storms, you must have a plan, a system ready for when it hits. Just because you defeated the winds of the anxiety, does not mean it is over. The best thing you can do is talk to someone, work out the emotions that are causing the pain, until they leave your body. Then, the anxiety stops.
  4. The most frustrating part of anxiety is not knowing. Not knowing why you feel the way you do and not knowing when you will stop feeling that way. In the calm, take the time to get to know yourself.

Here are just a few things I did that helped to heal my anxiety.

  • Journal. I took a notebook and wrote down every fear that I could remember. Healing anxiety is getting the fear out of your body out of your energy field.
  • Nature walks. I walked alone, without a headset.  I got out of my mind, and I got into nature.  Instead of listening to my thoughts, I listened to the birds.  I began to listen to nature until I could hear the wind and the leaves. I began to imagine that the sun would burn the negative emotions, or the wind would blow them out of me.  Nature healed me.
  • I found a connection with healers and other people who I knew would support me. I connected Spiritually, and I reached out to the angels, saints, and ancestors that passed, asking them to bring me strength and to take the burden on my heart. In the silence, I would imagine handing to them all of my worry and fear.
  • “All hands on deck,” these words I heard from my teacher, and Master Healer, Deborah King. Get everyone, doctors, therapists, healers onboard. Get whatever it takes, whoever it takes, to help you heal. Have them help you create the plan before the storm comes and start your path to healing.

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About the author- Cathy Gabrielsen is a speaker, writer and Graduate teacher of LifeForce Energy Healing© at the Deborah King Center. Cathy is Founder of The Gabrielsen Healing Center, which provides individual and group energy healing sessions, Life Coaching, Chakra Clearing, Meditation and Healing workshops. Cathy is a breast cancer survivor and the Founder of Cuddle My Kids, a non-profit that provides free cancer support services to families. Cathy is married to Scott Gabrielsen and mother of Jimmy and Cole Gabrielsen. The family has two dogs, Dolly and Miles.  Cathy enjoys twice-daily meditation sessions, running, and spending time in nature.