Cathy’s Story…

Battling breast cancer at the alarmingly young age of 32, Cathy struggled with the fact she couldn’t cuddle her two little babies, she literally couldn’t pick them up! Then there was the added physical and emotional stress that came with the treatment. Cathy identified a need that had never been addressed: the need for in-home services for the children affected by a parent’s cancer.

On a mission, and while still fighting cancer, Cathy became a pioneer in cancer support services. She established Cuddle My Kids, a non-profit to serve as an in-home, no-cost cancer support program. It offers enrichment and creative play to children who have a parent or caregiver in cancer treatment. Cuddle My Kids really took off and, today, serves thousands of cancer patients and their children. Today, it’s held up as a model for other cancer support programs.

But Cathy didn’t stop there: she wanted to help people even more. While she was building Cuddle My Kids, she studied a number of modalities in the alternative medical field, having found them helpful in conjunction with her medical treatments. She became both a certified Life Coach and a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. Cathy used these healing techniques to successfully deal with the problems that arose from her breast cancer —problems like anxiety and depression, even PTSD.

Today, Cathy has become the teacher: she has a private practice and also teaches energy medicine at The Deborah King Center, as well as speaks to groups and is a frequent blogger. Her goal is to help others who, like her, back in the day, are looking for healing on all levels.

The Gabrielsen Healing Center is located in West Chester, PA and provides both individual and group services. 

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